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I have gone to Hallenbeck Coin Gallery several times over the years. They came highly recommended and I have been very happy with their services. Whenever I want to sell coins or precious metals I call around to other (and much closer, I might add) reputable dealers but Hallenbeck always pays top price (usually $10 over spot price). They are well worth the hour’s drive. I have personally worked with Tom Hallenbeck who is a kind and affable man who has shown himself to be professional in every way. I’ve also worked with Chad and he is very knowledgeable and attentive. The gallery is always hopping, which tells me they must be good or so many people wouldn’t be doing business there. I am very conscientious and careful with my reviews because I depend heavily on other peoples’ reviews before making my own important financial decisions. I firmly believe that Hallenbeck is one of the best coin buyers/sellers in Colorado.

Diane D.

Very helpful and extremely professional. I’ve had a few other experiences with coin and bullion dealers in town and many were condescending and jumped on opportunities to try and to manipulate the situation in aspects I wasn’t knowledgeable in. All three times I’ve been to Hallenbeck they’ve been very friendly and more than willing to answer any and all questions I have; even at one point telling me not to sell some things to them because I could get more than they could give me if I shopped around with private collectors. Overall I was very I was very impressed with their tact, professionalism, prices and willingness to help. This is the only place I’ll be going from now on.

B. Enoch

Excellent / Personable service. I recently traded in some coins and went to a few other places in town. I found Hallenbeck to be very professional and fair in the value of the coins that I cashed in. I was fortunate to have worked directly with Mr. Hallenbeck and was met with a very sincere, knowledgeable, and caring man. My knowledge of coins is limited and he could have easily taken advantage of me. He did not and gave me fair market value. The service from his employees and the professional environment contributed to my experience. This is the only coin gallery that I will deal with in Colorado Springs and they now have a very loyal customer.

Another Satisfied Customer

Have purchased from and sold coins to HCG for 5 years now. They are always very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, and offer excellent advice. Chad is exceptional in his grading expertise. I wouldn’t go to any other coin shop in Colorado.

Jerry F.