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1912-D Liberty Head Nickel – PCGS MS64


The first year of production for the nickel at the Denver mint. The “new” mint in Denver first started striking gold coins in 1906, then slowly started to strike the smaller denomination base metal coins. This is the only year of production for the “V” nickel at the Denver mint since the Buffalo started the following year. I’ve always had a fondness for the 1912-D nickel and the MS64 is my preferred grade. The price jump to MS65 and MS66 is quite substantial and this is a great example of a near gem coin. The 1912-D’s have a tendency to come very mushy from overused dies (die erosion) but this coin is extremely sharply struck and very attractive. I guess it’s not flashy enough to call it a MS65 or maybe just a mark or two on the reverse away from a higher grade.

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