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Summertime and Coins in Colorado

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As summer is finally here and the weather is heating up, is the coin market heating up too?

Traditionally the summer was the slow season for coin dealers and collectors alike. In the world of the internet the seasons seem to be disappearing and the fluctuations seem to be less. In the “old days” many coin dealers took off the summer since there was very little business and it seemed like the norm. Of course these were the small “Mom and Pop” shops that every town had several of. It seems that many of the small shops are disappearing and larger regional shops are becoming more of the standard and the business is brisk enough that don’t have seasonal closures. We used to say that when the weather got nice people stopped coming indoors and started to enjoy the outdoors, and business slowed down.

Here in Colorado Springs we’ve always been a little different since we have the ANA “summer seminar” just 2 blocks away and several hundred avid collectors come to town to attend “coin camp” during the last 2 weeks of June every year. We make sure no employee can take off those 2 weeks unless they are attending or teaching a class. I know that in the case of our store, we have 16 employees, most full-time and the scheduling of vacations is very complicated and is put on hold during the seminar weeks. We even have to worker harder in the weeks preceding the seminar, in fact we have to build up our inventory to have enough to satisfy the hoards of collectors and dealers alike.

In olden times, there were almost no coin shows during the summer. Now there is a full schedule, from the “summer FUN” show to Baltimore to our Colorado Springs show, something is going on every weekend. The online stores don’t take a vacation or take any time off, eBay doesn’t shut down when it gets warm outside. Even the major auction house schedule big sales.

So, back to my original question, “is the coin market heating up” my answer is yes.

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