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Summer ANA in Denver 2017

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We’ve been back from the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money in Denver (August 1-5, 2017) for a little over a week now, and are finally getting caught up. It was a spectacular show for almost every dealer in attendance. Several of my coin dealer buddies that set up told me it was either their best or nearly the best ANA show they ever had! We were so busy that 2 of the days I never ate lunch, time just flew by. One quick observation was that the front of the room with all the high priced expensive coins was much slower that the collector oriented affordably priced coins in the middle and back of the room. Follow the buzz and the collector,s and it was in not in the front!

On a personal note, I was honored with my Father (Ken) on Tuesday evening August 1, 2017 by the ANA at the World’s Fair of Money during an event called the “Legacy Series, Interviews with Notable Numismatists”.  It was a lot of fun telling our story to an audience of friends, if you ever wanted to know about Ken, myself or our shop and its history, check out the interview. The entire evening is available on the ANA’s website (money.org) or on youtube. I think we are officially “icons”!

Back to business, our goal at most shows is to sell, and sell at reasonable prices, since our shop is busy buying all day long here in Colorado Springs. So we have to monitor and react to the current market trends in order to make sure the stuff goes away. Often what we have for sale at the shows is just average, run of the mill, stuff (proof sets, circulated dollars, low end type coins, foreign sets, foreign bulk, etc.). Many of these are coins we have already offered to our customers that frequent our physical store, and on line. Additionally, we only attend a handful of select shows each year, so our inventory never gets stale. It’s all about turnover, keeping the coins moving so that we can buy more. We offer the fresh “better” coins first  to our loyal customers here at our “brick and mortar” and “e-store” before bringing them to a show. Many dealers rely on shows to replenish their inventory, ours not so much. We rely on buying collections over the counter, then reselling them directly to our customers, with no dealers in between.

Anyway, we had a great show in Denver and will be adding lots of new coins on our website in the very near future.


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