I’ve decided that I will vary the theme from week to week, depending on what interests me at the time. I may blog about current numismatic market conditions, or reactions to bullion fluctuations, or even what coins customers are talking about. I might focus on a specific numismatic event that I will attend or just returned from. Such as the upcoming ANA “summer seminar”, FUN convention, ANA “World’s Fair of Money” or a local Colorado coin show. Since I still travel a fair amount I will most likely blog about any foreign coin show that I attend, such as the “World Money Fair” in Berlin every February. That is always my favorite convention of the year!

As you may already know, I was the ANA President from 2009 to 2011, so I will occasionally touch on ANA events that I deem interesting. I might even blog about something mundane, if I feel like. My take on events here in Colorado Springs at the “Coin Collecting Capitol of the World” also known as the “Center of the Numismatic Universe” might interest you also, since the headquarters are here in my back yard, just 2 blocks away. I will sometimes tap into my father’s knowledge of historical events and his perspective of the ANA also.

I might even blog about what’s happening here in our physical retail shop, or maybe about something that happened on ebay or our web site in the virtual world.  Especially if it was something crazy! The fun part of having a physical store is you never know what’s going to walk in the door, it’s a treasure hunt every day.

I also submit lots of coins the major grading services, so I may blog about trends I might perceive in the world of slabbing. Some of my very good friends work there and occasionally I get a little insight into what they are seeing and what they are grading. The wonderful world of slabs, how could we live without them?

My main point of my first blog is ….…I will blog about whatever I want to! If you want to email me with comments or suggestions about my blog, my only request is please keep it civil. Keep coming back if you want to read about coins, or at least my version of numismatics!

Yours in Numismatics

Tom Hallenbeck

Tom Hallenbeck initially started working at Hallenbeck Coin Gallery in the fall of 1985 after graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the school of Economics, shortly after Ken Hallenbeck founded the company in 1983. Even before starting a career in numismatics, Tom had been an avid collector since he was first able to read and attended coin club meetings and coin shows with his father (Ken Hallenbeck) back in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After joining Hallenbeck Coin Gallery, Tom focused on grading and authentication of US coins. Aided by having located our coin store just 2 blocks from the headquarters of the world’s largest coin club, the American Numismatic Association Tom took advantage of having the largest numismatic circulating library just a stones throw away. First taking a “US Coin Grading” class offer by the ANA in the summer of 1986, then followed by US coin authentication, Tom has now been an instructor of coin grading classes at the annual “ANA summer seminar” continuously for over 20 years. Tom is the recipient of numerous awards including the ANA’s “Medal of Merit”, “Presidential Award”, “Glen Smedley Award” and “Goodfellow Award”, additionally Tom was presented the “Numismatic Ambassador” award by Numismatic News. Tom also followed Ken Hallenbeck’s footsteps, not only by following him in his coin business and purchasing the Hallenbeck Coin Gallery from his father in the summer of 2001, but by also being the only father and son to be elected to the ANA Board of Governors, Vice-President and then President. Ken was elected President of the American Numismatic Association in 1991 and Tom was elected to the Presidency of the ANA in 2011. From just two full time numismatists in 1985 to having 14 employees in 2014, Tom is continuing to expand the Hallenbeck Coin Gallery footprint not only to include the Pikes Peak region and the front range of Colorado, but to include all of the USA. We’ve grown from a small family coin store to a multi-million dollar corporation. Hallenbeck Coin Gallery is a member of the BBB of Southern Colorado, the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and numerous other associations and organizations.